Our company will give your landscaping that natural green look. When we say we are going to be there to quote a job, we are there. We will give you the service you need and want and show you how to get rid of them the right way. We can also give you help in tree trimming and pruning.


welcome  to AJP LANDSCAPING's Sod Installation page. We have been planting SOD in the Metroplex for years.  We only plant High Quality SOD from the Gulf Coast and Local Farms in CALIFORNIA. We take pride in our SOD and Installation. We have many references where we have installed half a pallet to twenty pallets or more. No matter the quantity of SOD delivered and installed, we keep our standards very high. There are two markets when it comes to SOD, High and Poor Quality. Unfortunately, there are a high number of SOD companies that sell Poor Quality SOD. But there is no need to worry, AJP is here to save the day!  Read below to learn more about our SOD and Installation.

We offer a professional and reliable grass cutting service in Wicklow, Dublin and surrounding areas. A regular mowing of your grass not only keep your garden looking its best but also produces a healthy blade of grass.

We offer weekyly or biweekly maintance service


 Our company specializes in complete tree service including tree trimming, pruning, removal, tree stump removal

Professional, regular tree trimming ensures that your LA trees stay strong and healthy. Keeping trees pruned not only maintains your property’s appearance, but increases your property value as well. Our Los Angeles, California tree company’s pruning services can keep your trees beautiful. Regular tree trimming has many benefits, including:


Junk Removal , proudly offers trash removal services for the removal, hauling, and disposal of your unwanted and all sizes and types of junk. Stop storing unnecessary junk and get a free estimate for our trash removal services.


We provides the best quality service in the sprinkler industry. Our irrigation services include residential and commercial sites of all sizes. We pride ourselves on our unmatched professional service. With years of experience in the irrigation and landscaping industry, we are the Leader in the DFW area sprinkler and irrigation industry. We use products that are high quality, easy to use and accessible to customers for adjustment.




Healthy Beginnings

No amount of watering or fertilizer will compensate for improper planting. On many occasions I have puzzled over the problems of plants only to discover they were planted six inches too deep or with their roots bound tightly. There isn't any mystery to good planting, just some common sense techniques.


Weed Removal Service - Providing Weed Removal services in gravel, lawn, flower beds, sidewalks. We us Weed "killer" Or Weed Pre-Emergent/ Weed Post Emergent to keep weeds from coming back. Weed Removal service is necessary especially for renters, landlords, Home Owners living in an HOA managed area, Real estate Agents with assets that they must maintain.