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Architectural gates and fences throughout Ontario, West Covina, Beverly Hills, and Pasadena may be anything but typical. One of our most popular platforms is the construction of contemporary, secure fences. They assist in defining spaces and provide your house with much-needed security and seclusion. You may work with a personal designer at AJP Landscape who knows domestic gates and fences for Los Angeles houses.

Although AJP Landscape has been a part of the Los Angeles neighborhood for more than ten years, we have created and constructed every form of gate and fence possible for various properties. We are uniquely equipped to adapt to certain styles and tastes and meet specific demands regarding different property types, thanks to our vast experience and client portfolio.

Featuring Custom Wood Fences:

Our bespoke wood fences may be made from any type of wood, including redwood and cedar, most often available in various stains, from light to dark. They can also be decorated with anything from painted finishes to stained finishes. Hardwood fences are a great way to give your property a natural feel and a sense of harmony with the rest of your house. AJP Landscape offers automated entrance gates with options for ductile iron or hardwood with a metal frame to give a classic or contemporary look.

We can build anything, from personalized wooden fences to computerized entrance gates. Call the AJP landscape team immediately to arrange a free consultation for installing a fence and gates to give your house more privacy.

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