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Improved Accountability:

AJP Landscape designates an experienced, highly qualified project manager committed to carrying out your vision to maintain your landscape construction tasks on schedule and within your budget. With one partner in charge of the whole process, you have complete visibility throughout the full landscape designs and installation.

More Rapid Time to Market:

With integrated design and build, we can identify the project's crucial components and carry that knowledge throughout the full landscape design and installation process. Eliminating the requirement for several bidders to undergo duplicate second bidding and RFP processes saves significant time.

Improved Cost Management:

You may carry out your concept from pre-development through design and planning and the development cycle using our entire range of landscape development business services. Clients that use design-build services have fewer surprises, scope deviations, and change order requests, which directly affect budget control.

Planning and Landscape Architecture:

Feel assured that our skilled team and collaborative approach will deliver creative solutions and exciting concepts rooted in landscaping construction and management reality to projects big and small, fresh or green field.

Less Administrative Work:

Particularly when managing major landscape designs and installation projects, clarity is essential. The administrative burden for important stakeholders is reduced by having a point of contact, improved project management, and a single source for reporting.

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