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Residential Lawn Care

offers several Lawn Service Packages for our Residential Lawns in Dallas, Texas and surrounding cities. From just Mow and Blow to our Special Four Seasons Lawn Care Package. You can trust AJP LANDSCAPING to do a great job every time. We will take your existing lawn and slowly but surely turn it into something beautiful that your neighbors will envy. 

Remove weeds.

These can appear anywhere on the lawn. These weeds can prevent growth by blocking air, nutrition, to the roots.


Thatch is made with some organic material. They are present between leaves and soil. These are blocks of mandatory moisture and nutrition.


This is the best way to remove only one-third length of the grass. How often do we need to Mowing? Summer mowing is best to grow the grass quicker. But you can perform in the winter but the growing procedure can be a little bit slow.

Improve drainage

Poor drainage can be harmful to grass and plants. Sometimes it becomes waterlogged for a can Affect the lawn's health.


Always escaped your lawn by over-seeding. Always seed mix with fertilizer and then apply. By applying the seeds the lawn is well mowed and watered.

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